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Collagen Treatments

Injectable cosmetic fillers have provided a solution for patients to rejuvenate their facial appearance without incisions and a minimal amount of downtime. Collagen is just one of the fillers available in the market today. The collagen used comes from highly purified bovine collagen. By injecting collagen into the skin, it adds volume, improves texture and can smooth out wrinkles. This minimally-invasive procedure can temporarily treat such conditions as wrinkles and other creases in the facial area. What results is a longer-lasting, youthful facial appearance.

Collagen can be used to either smooth wrinkles, sculpt lips or fill in scars. What results is a healthy, more youthful, and fuller appearance. This has grown in popularity. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 576,255 patients received Collagen Injections in 2003.

Common Questions

What are some of the most common benefits of collagen treatment?

- Improve skin texture
- Fill out wrinkles and some scars
- More sensuous lips
- Smoother skin
- More youthful appearance

How are collagen treatments performed?
A skin test is usually performed several weeks before receiving any collagen injection. This is done to determine if an allergic reaction could occur as a result of the Collagen.
The actual treatment itself is very brief. Receiving Collagen injections can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. This all depends on the amount of the area that needs to be treated. During the treatment, the practitioner injects tiny amounts of Collagen into the skin using a very fine needle. Areas of injection are located along the edge of the treatment site. The practitioner may slightly overfill the area, which will eventually be absorbed in a few days.
Patients can return to their normal activities soon after receiving the injections.

How long do treatments take?
The Collagen injections can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on how large of an area needs to be treated.

Where are the treatments performed?
Injections are usually administered at the doctor’s office.

How much pain is there?
An advantage to the Collagen procedure is that it enhances one’s appearance with a minimal amount of pain. Collagen is mixed in with the anesthetic agent lidocaine.
Although pain is minimal, patient can request to have a topical anesthetic applied.

What can I expect after collagen treatment?
The results of these injections can be seen almost immediately following treatment. Areas may be bruised, red or swollen, but that should only last for only one or two days. The results of the Collagen can last six months or even longer. Results may vary. Factors such as age, skin type, daily activities can influence how long the results of Collagen will last. Areas with significant muscle movement will experience faster disappearance of collagen.

Patients can choose to undergo another set of injections. Going in for a following treatment before the results of the previous Collagen injections disappear will help maintain the lasting effect. Those that do not undergo a follow-up treatment will find their results returning to a pre-treatment state. Discuss with your practitioner to plan future visits.

Ideal Candidate:
In general, the best candidates for Collagen injections are:
* Physically healthy
* Psychologically stable
* Wanting to look younger and more refreshed
* Wanting to enhance their facial appearance
* Well informed in regard to the procedure’s outcome
* Realistic in their expectations
The above is only a partial list of the criteria that your physician will consider in determining whether or not this procedure is appropriate for you. Be sure to ask your physician if he/she considers you an ideal candidate for Collagen.

Other important information:
The FDA approved the use of injectable collagen in 1981.

Risk and limitations:
The biggest risk involved with collagen injections is an allergic reaction to the product. This risk is reduced through a skin test. Those that undergo skin test should watch for any sign of redness, itching, swelling or other occurrences. Other significant risks associated with Collagen injections are rare, but the potential side effects to the treatment are:
* Infection
* Skin Peeling
* Scarring
* Lumpiness

Collagen Costs:

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the 2003 average surgeon/physician fees for collagen injections was $373. This price can vary based on location, the practitioner and other factors. Plus this is only the surgeon/physician fee for just one visit. To obtain the most accurate pricing, consult with a physician in your area to get the up to date costs for the procedure you are interested in.

Be sure to:

* Tell your doctor about any allergies you have (to foods, drugs, environmental elements).
* Tell your doctor if you have any serious medical conditions.
* Tell your doctor about all medications you are taking (both prescription and non-prescription).
* Carefully follow any instructions your doctor gives you regarding eating and drinking, smoking, and vitamins.

The information on this web site is only intended as an introduction to this procedure and should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor as a guarantee of the result. The best method of determining your options is to consult qualified surgeons who are able to answer specific questions related to your situation.



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