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Every year, many people suffer from a variety of skin problems on their faces. These include red complexion, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and others. Skin problems, such as these can be caused by age, sun exposure, genetics and other factors. With photo rejuvenation, you can combat these effects and improve your facial appearance.

There are ways to treat these facial skin problems, including chemical peels or home skin care products. However, these methods can cause some pain and discomfort for the patients and even have a longer recovery period. Photo rejuvenation has become an easy and effective way to take care of most of these facial skin problems. Unlike other methods, photo rejuvenation is a softer, gentler, and faster method of treatment designed to help you gain a younger, healthier looking facial appearance.

If you are interested in improving your overall facial appearance in a quicker and gentler fashion, please take the time to view the information we have provided here at iEnhance. We have designed the information on these pages with YOU in mind. The more information you know, the better you can make a well-informed decision about undergoing photo rejuvenation treatments.

Common Questions

What is the process of Photo Rejuvenation?
Photo rejuvenation is performed by gently delivering light energy to specific areas through a special hand-piece. These specific areas then absorb this light energy and the production of collagen is stimulated. Collagen helps soften the appearance of aging skin. As the collagen forms, the fine lines and wrinkles in the targeted areas are decreased. Photo rejuvenation can even reduce the redness associated with rosacea (a chronic form of acne). The procedures take only 15 to 30 minutes at the doctor’s office, depending on the amount of areas that need to be treated. So an individual can take their lunch break, have their treatment done, and come back looking younger and healthier.

Who is an ideal candidate for Photo Rejuvenation?
Generally ideal candidates for Photo Rejuvenation are people that have:
* Red-flushed faces
* Sun-damaged skin
* Hyperpigmentation
* Enlarged pores
* Realistic goals and expectations for the procedure
* A desire to improve the appearance of their skin
This is only some of the criteria the surgeon would use to determine if you are an ideal candidate for photo rejuvenation. If you want to know if you are an ideal candidate, ask for a consultation with your physician.
Are there any risks or complications involved?
There are no known possible risks involved with photo rejuvenation and the procedure has proven to be safe. Unlike facial plastic surgery, there is no actual pain experienced during the procedure. Most patients have compared the procedure to feel like a rubber band snapping on the skin. Patients can request for topical anesthesia, then the pain is minimal to non-existent. The only marks shown from the procedure will be some redness or bruising, which will eventually fade away.


There is practically no post-operative discomfort, with the exception of some redness or bruising. A flushed appearance may also be present. These symptoms will soon fade away and what’s left is a younger looking skin. The doctor may provide some instructions for you to follow after each treatment; these instructions may include avoiding certain skin cleansers or using sunscreen. In order to achieve the best results, follow the doctor’s instructions.

Will I have to repeat this procedure?
During the first treatment, there is a significant change in the skin’s appearance. These improvements will steadily increase with each visit. To achieve optimal results, a series of five to eight treatments may be needed. This all depends on how many treatments are needed and the severity of the area. On the plus side, these treatments only take about a half an hour out of your day. So multiple procedures will not take up too much of your time.

What results will I expect after undergoing Photo Rejuvenation?
Once the final results of the treatments are revealed the individual should notice one or more of the following:

* Skin will have more tone
* Skin will have a smoother look and feel
* Sunspots will fade
* Pore sizes will shrink
* Fine lines and wrinkles decrease in size
* Skin’s appearance will look younger and healthier